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Team Kinetic Europe

 Current line-up:



Name: Asbjørn Blumensaadt
Age: 21
Role: IGL/Fragger
Country: Denmark

Gaming Experience:

Asbjørn has played games since he was 8 years old, games like Modern Warfare 2, Counter Strike – Global Offensive, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 have given him a passion for competition.

The opportunity to play Competitive/Pro PubG player came and Asbjorn has not looked back; becoming an exceptional fragger and in game leader with accomplishments in multiple tournaments.



Name: Tobias Petersen
Age: 22
Role: Flanker/ Fragger
Country: Denmark

Gaming Experience:

T0bs is a lifetime FPS player,  starting his passion with games like Counter Strike Condition Zero and Battlefield 1942 to current versions, he has played them all.

T0bs first competitive experience came with Battlefield 4 and continued with CS:GO, Overwatch and now PUBG.




Name: Rasmus Krog
Age: 24
Role: Scout/ Fragger
Country: Denmark

Gaming Experience:

Rasmus has been playing games since he was 10 years old. He started out as a casual gamer with his dad, but later on it wasn’t enough for him to only play casual. So determined and motivated, he decided to play and compete in games on a high level to satisfy his urge for greatness.



Name: Christoffer Andersen
Age: 24
Role: Frontline / Fragger
Country: Denmark

Gaming Experience:

Monx started out developing his tactical skills in various RTS games as a kid, his FPS experience started in Counter-Strike 1.6 and continued with other games like Arma 2 : DayZ mod and later on, CS:GO on a competitive level. He also enjoys H1Z1 and Rainbow Six Siege.

With experience playing on multiple teams in PubG, he is a valuable new asset and look forward to great results from him.

Whenever Monx needs a break from PUBG, he spends some time on Escape from Tarkov.



GLL – Season 3 – Made it through to round 3; as a 3 man squad.

Danish PUBG League (DPL) – 6th place

GLL – Nordic Clash – Duo – 7th overall

Europe League Qualifier (PEL) – Round 4/6 (Top 64 EU)

GLL – Daily Duo – 3rd place.

OGA Qualifier 1 – Round 2/5 (65th. Place)

OGA Qualifier 2 – Finals (11th. Place)