KIN_Muhhn takes the Kinetic Bangerz Crown and November 10th is a Go!!

Last weekend saw the return of our Kinetic Bangerz Apex Legends Solo Tournament with a stacked group of players. Included were returning Pro’s and once again, new players who seem to come out of nowhere and surprise us. The event was streamed by our boy Danny Bee

The Kinetic EU Pro team was out in force with Baller, Muhhn, Triple and Blysor throwing their hat in the ring individually against other returning players like PVPete, Artanis, Redemption, CrazyGiank, MackinAmerica and others. Our new players showed they will be tough to deal going forward with players like SoraTJU, Luccky-Rabbit, Koofu and Jayisback putting in strong showings. SoraTJU would have been a Finalist if not for the incredible 5head plays by PVPete. He literally hypnotized Sora into re-starting the match after losing and then again in the Losers Bracket Final when Pete brought out the big guns and allowed his girlfriend to serenade Sora while the game went on. Long time “Pros” know to mute Pete in game to avoid his sorcery. You can watch PvPete and Muhhn stream their Apex games most weekdays on Twitch and DLive.



A special thank you to Kinetic’s very own admin Natty for assisting with organizing this Tournament. Much appreciated.

November 10th Kinetic Bangerz Sign-up

The Next tournament signup page is up and we are looking forward to another great tournament NOVEMBER 10th. Just click the image below.