Green Ivy Gaming become Kinetic’s first COD Champions!

Last weekend saw Kinetic’s very first Modern Warfare 2v2 Gunfight Tournament and the popularity of it blew us away! Not only did we have some original members of the community enter, but we had a huge amount of new members join us and show us how intense COD can really be! The event was codcasted by Kinetic’s own COD Pro Glocksic ( and helped by SlySanity (

We saw Kinetic’s original duo Triple and Bryan join, as well as Kinetic BFFs SlySanity and Destryir team up to show us what they got. MackInAmerica joined Greasegun whilst UnholyAgony showed up last minute with ClutchInCanada! They all soon realised how tough the tournament really was…

SlySanity and Destryir were the duo originally from Kinetic to get the furthest but unfortunately couldn’t quite reach the semi-finals. We had Team 304 (a duo consisting of rTReject and his brother JeridG12) dominate the winners bracket whilst Green Ivy Gaming (consisting of lifelong friends Gravy and Inno) fought through the end of the losers bracket after getting knocked down there by 304 themselves.

The Finals saw 304 and Green Ivy Gaming back at it once more, and we can’t tell you how exciting and thrilling it was to watch these two teams fight it out! The whole final saw consistent and intense gameplay between them and it was constantly back-and-forth. But Green Ivy Gaming were the ones who picked up the win after two lots of Best of 3 games. They fought hard and they definitely deserve it!

Green Ivy Gaming – Gravy and Inno – Congratulations on your win and we look forward to working with you!

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the tournament and we can’t wait to host our next one, which is scheduled for December 15th. Look out for the tournament page for more details!