Gaming For The Cure

Today is the Day @everyone!! Good luck to the Three ~Kinetic Duo Team’s competing in today’s tournament!! I know that you willrepresent all of us well and have a ton of fun doing it for a fantastic cause!! We look forward to watching you bring home some chicken boyz!! :kinetic: Thank you for inviting us @GRUNTo_Actual @Immawarlock. We appreciate all of your team’s hard work & initiative that you put in for this great cause & to make this event happen!! :wink: #gamingforthecure #NBCF #GamePink Team 1 = ~Kinetic @truckergemi @????????✨????? ???????✨???????? Team 2 = ~Kinetic Energy @JstarRocky @Healarius Team 3: ~Kinetic Bangers @Slysanity @boltazzz