AYB_QUERNI becomes Kinetic’s new Champion in the Apex Bangerz Series!

Our third Kinetic Bangerz Apex Legends Solo Tournament since its revival took place last weekend and it was a massive one! We saw new Pro’s enter, new records set, and some seriously impressive games made by some young gamers! We had the tournament streamed by both DannyBeee (https://www.twitch.tv/danny_beee) and SlySanity (https://www.twitch.tv/slysanity). Danny streamed the Winners Bracket whilst Sly streamed the Losers Bracket and it was a great success – more streams meant you got to choose which match you wanted to watch!

Once again, Muhhn from the Kinetic EU Pro team made sure he was in as well as Kinetic’s OG Triple, both taking another stab at attempting to win the crown once more. However, they both soon remembered how surprising these tournaments are with new players such as SandsterSNC coming in and smashing through the winners bracket with some amazing gameplay.

But the star of the event was AYB_QUERNI. He originally got knocked down to the losers bracket by SandsterSNC and had to fight to get back to the finals. On his way, he broke our tournament records by picking up 20 kills and over 4000 damage in one game! He met SandsterSNC once more in the finals and they both gave us some awesome gameplay to watch, but AYB_QUERNI showed us that he wasn’t going to be bested again.

We’d like to thank all new players to the tournament as well as returning players – CrazyGiank, Artanis and TheSifarCrown.

The next Kinetic Bangerz Apex Legends Solo Tournament will take place December 8th but we will be making a little change to the format. Check out the next tournament’s page for more details!